Female Instagrammer vs. Male Instagrammer

The differences between the male and female approach to various things are also applied to the way men and women use the popular photo service.



Health Food

Hair Cuts

Neon Signs



The Beach



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I'm 18, and having just been through high school I know some things about high school girls, and this current generation that many of the people talking to you may or may not know. First off, let me also say - you're right, girls are not objects, things to "get." But PLEASE, everybody let the terminology GO for a minute here. Two items that are often horribly wrong without the right information to back them up, especially
with high school aged, young, often immature
, girls. Being a pick up artist is NOT about disrespecting women, self gain, or any of that negative stuff many of you are spouting out. Being a pick up artist is actually kind of a sour term to describe the concept as it stands in most places. A PUA is not just a guy who "picks up girls," or anything like that, there's an entire world to maintaining the relationship. Now am I going to say that all PUA's are great guys? Of course not that would be like saying that all real, creative artists are good artists, that all doctors are good doctors. The whole thing would just sound a bit strange, and suspicious. If you must, exaggerate a tiny bit of what you are to get a girl to smile, but don't sit there and fake anything. Deception lies, and trickery are not the answer. Here are a few points of advice from me: