Awkward and Funny Beach Photos

Beach photos full of awkward moments and wardrobe malfunctions might be just the thing to brighten your mood.

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The Kitty Knight Rises And Kitty Of Steel

Cat blogger Sweet Furr decided to dress her cats Cooper and Pancake up as the caped crusaders. I would watch this movie.
As feline fans of the cape crusaders, Cooper and Pancake have thought about becoming superhero symbols themselves last Halloween. Surely, they could use their superpower of utter cuteness to fight crime. It's just too bad that they couldn't find magical glasses or masks to conceal their true identities. So they decided to hang up their capes, sit back and enjoy the true Dark Knight rise along with the up and coming Man of Steel.

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People With Most Memorable Names In The 2012 London Olympics

These athletes not only have the honor of participating in this year’s games but they have the funniest, most interesting, and coolest sounding names too.

Yoo Suk Kim

The worst part of being Yoo-Suk Kim is when people want to cheer for you.

Destinee Hooker

Jack Buttland

Dong Dong

Sarah Hammer

Aye Aye Aung

Queen Underwood

Amina Bakhit

Kathryn Fudge

Jack Bauer

Amit Kumar Amit Kumar

Victoria Poon

Hope Solo


Soccer, Brazil.

Fanny Babou

Ole Magnus Bakken

Zbigniew Bartman

Karen Cockburn

Romain Buffet

German Sanchez Sanchez

Lars Boom

Sara Radman

Yoshie Takeshita

Liam Tancock

James Honeybone

Storm Uru

Phillipp Boy

Kelsey Titmarsh

Chris Brown

Via Buzzfeed

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